A wall chart showing some of
Namibia's cultural heritage

These are some Life Sciences illustrations
completed over last few years.

This is a woodcut trial
which was not accepted for publication

The following are some illustrations for 
a myths and stories book by Nasou via Afrika

The following are illustrations done for a story by
Wendy Hartmann called The Magic Mokoro.
Published as part of the Nal'ibali Storybook.

The following are illustrations for various stories
published by Hodder

King Midas

Christians and Lions 

Unseen Foe

 The Listeners

These are illustrations for Nasou

These  are some skeleton illustrations for Nasou.
They are to be used in a poster.

These are some illustrations done for Macmillan

Moses braais for the 5000

These are two covers for Oxford University Press.
They were eventually not used.

These are some new illustrations for Oxford University Press

These are some new illustrations for Maskew Miller Longman

These are some illustrations for Vivlia Publishers